Tabor says time for Asot to call it quits

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A United Progressive Party senator said Asot Michael, the scandal-hit member of Parliament for St. Peter should end his political career.
Damani Tabor, the UPP’s public relations officer, has publicly agreed with those in some quarters who said that Michael’s resignation from his post as investment and trade minister, is not enough.
“At this point anyone that has read the reports coming out of the U.K. would agree that it would be in the gentleman’s interest to call it a day because you have the tapes that nobody wanted to play on Caribarena and now you have this matter, it is just a bit excessive,” he said.
Michael has already stated that he will not demit Parliament, but Tabor said Michael should leave.
This week, transcripts of recorded conversations revealed that a British businessman Peter Virdee alleged Michael demanded kickbacks, a car and financing for his political campaign.
Tabor also said that Gaston Browne, the prime minister made the government “look like fools” when he reappointed Michael to the Cabinet only to have him resign over the same issue for which Browne had earlier fired him.
“I felt it for his mother who I understand she is a very lovely lady and she had to deal with this on Mothers’ Day, I think he should just call it quits and find a charity to be a patron of,” Tabor said. 
Browne admitted in October last year that he knew Michael was arrested in the U.K. in connection with a bribery investigation.
Michael was fired by Browne after his arrest, but was allowed to contest the general election on March 21 when he beat his opponents – Collin Isaac, the UPP candidate and Sharlene Warner-Samuel of the Antigua and Barbuda True Labour Party.
The former government minister who tendered his resignation on Tuesday was tourism minister for several years and was returned to Cabinet in his new role as investment and trade minister following the general election.

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