Tabor: Questions on Share Inc are of national importance

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In support of his affidavit to challenge the Prime Minister’s defamation lawsuit, the United Progressive Party (UPP) spokesman, Damani Tabor says his questions on Share Incorporated are of national importance and public interest.
Tabor filed this argument on Monday as part of his defence to Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s defamation suit.
Tabor says he raised questions about the partnership between the government and Share Inc. since the prime minister announced the arrangement in the Budget presentation in 2016, but only disclosed very little details.
Tabor says further questions were asked after the prime minister again spoke publicly when he announced that the venture capital fund would have been increased from two to five million.
The opposition spokesman says his questions are justified even further when one examines the intellectual property office’s company records for the charity.
OBSERVER media obtained documents showing the latest auditor’s report, statement of financial position, statement of receipts and payments, statement of cash flows and notes to the financial statements.
Details of the findings will be published in Tuesday’s edition of The Daily OBSERVER and can be found here.

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