Suspended top cop demands reinstatement

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Wendel Robinson, the recently suspended commissioner of police, is threatening legal action if he is not reinstated within one week as he alleges his suspension is “unlawful”.
He made the threat through his lawyer Sir Richard Cheltenham in a letter dated April 13, labelled “URGENT, BY HAND” in bold, red letters.
The four-page letter addressed to the Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Kelvin John, accuses the body of nine wrongs when it suspended Robinson on April 5 and cut his salary by half.
According to Robinson’s lawyer, the commission has no authority to suspend the top cop and it violated the law by: “acting ultra vires; not complying with the rules of fair play, natural justice and due process; acting in a manner which is inconsistent with established practices and protocols; committing errors of law; failing to give any or any adequate reasons for the punitive steps taken; failing to take relevant considerations into account; abusing its authority; acting without administrative consistency and; violating the Commissioner’s legitimate expectations.”
While the letter makes the claim that no adequate reason was given, it is known that on April 5, the top cop was suspended with immediate effect amid allegations he made unwanted sexual advances towards three male subordinates and further victimised one of them when the officer reportedly rejected his advances.
The authorities also announced that the suspension will remain in effect pending the outcome of an investigation but there has been no word since on the matter as to whether someone was appointed to investigate and what would be the exact scope of the probe.
With respect to the argument about a breach of his client’s legitimate expectation, Sir Richard said Robinson was expecting his pay would not be touched because of “the precedent set in the case of Former Commissioner Vere Browne who was placed on suspension with full pay and continued to enjoy the use of his official vehicle.”
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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