Suspended cop and mom accused of fraud to seek bail today

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The senior officer and his mother who have been jointly charged with conspiracy to commit fraud are being processed to be escorted to court this morning.
Assistant Superintendent of Police Ray Anthony John and his mother Yvonne Nickie of Gunthropes were jointly charged today with five counts of conspiracy to forge Antigua and Barbuda passports, contrary to Common Law.
The police said that John was also charged with stealing 54 multi-layered Infilling Sheets and one multi-layered Infilling patch, valued at EC$21,700, the property of the Antigua and Barbuda Passport Office.
Additionally, the senior cop, who was suspended on April 13 as the probe advanced, was with receiving four multi-layered infilling sheets and one multi-layered infilling patch valued at EC$1,300, the property of the Antigua and Barbuda Passport Office, knowing same to have been stolen.
John, 47, and Nickie, 63, were subjected to fingerprinting at St. John’s Police Station this morning and are expected before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh for a bail hearing today.
On April 15, the police pulled Nickie from a flight that was set to depart Antigua, just days after lawmen searched her son’s home in her presence and confiscated a number of items as evidence.
During that search, ASP John and his elderly mom, who was in Antigua visiting him, were allegedly advised they would be required to give statements to the police at a later date.
Nickie, nonetheless, later proceeded with her plans to return to her nativeland, St. Vincent, and that’s when she was stopped at the V.C. Bird International Airport and taken to Police Headquarters for questioning.
The woman was advised not to leave the country thereafter, police sources said.
It was in early April that the police in St. Vincent intercepted a man with five bio pages of Antigua and Barbuda passports among other items, to include a large quantity of cash.
The police in that country have been collaborating with lawmen from Antigua and Barbuda since then, as fingers were pointed at ASP John.

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