Suspended Coach Seeks Answers, Plans Appeal

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Former footballer and a member of the Old Road coaching staff, Chesley Browne, said he will appeal a six-month ban imposed on him by the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) Disciplinary Committee.
Browne’s suspension followed an altercation with referee Curtis Charles in the parking lot just east of the Antigua Recreation Grounds (ARG) following Old Road’s 3-2 loss to Pigotts Bullets on December 22, 2017.
“Yes, it is definitely something I have to do. I have to appeal this because this is nonsense. A man threatened to run a vehicle on me and nothing. The letter that I wrote to them [disciplinary committee] I copied it to the commissioner of police so I still can go to the commissioner of police,” he said. 
Admitting he would have threatened the official, Browne said he too was physically threatened by the senior referee after an argument erupted in the parking lot.
“Curtis got upset and said ‘get in front of my vehicle and you will see what happens.’ I went in front of the vehicle and Curtis pressed on the gas for the vehicle. I rest my hand on top of the vehicle and I went around by the driver’s side and I pulled the door but it was locked,” the coach said.
“I told Curtis, and I am not afraid to say what I said, I told him that if the vehicle was open I would have punched him in his face. When I went to the meeting and told them what happened I told them I was going to the police and the disciplinary committee asked why didn’t I go to the police because it was a serious incident,” he added.
One referee assessor and former referee, Denmore Roberts, supported the decision of the disciplinary committee, hoping it sends a message to other potential offenders.
“I am saying to you that what he did this time is reprehensible and I just want you to know that he is a repeat offender. I am not trying Chesley’s case here but I am saying that if the disciplinary committee has case against Curtis Charles then they will deal with it but all of you are trying to let it seem as if because somebody got suspended that the world is going to end,” he said.
“I am telling you that there are many repeat offenders in the football right now that we need to ask them to take a chill pill like how Debu [Rolston Williams] took a chill pill after a while. Chesley Browne, Pretty Boy Edwards, those people who flare up for no reason, they need to take a chill pill as well,” Roberts added.
When contacted, Charles offered no comment on the issue, stating only that his report is with the football association.

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