Suspects in latest murder investigation released, investigation continues

Neltha Telemaque
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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

The police are still investigating the murder of 25-year-old Neltha Telemaque who was found on Sunday with multiple wounds about her body.

Telemaque’s lifeless body was found by a livestock farmer in the vicinity of the Burma Quarry.

The discovery came a day after her fiancé posted to social media that she was missing.

Shortly after finding Telemaque’s body, police called for Kevin Samuel of All Saints to surrender to the police to assist with the investigation.

In less than three hours, Samuel turned himself in to the St John’s Police Station.

The Horseford Hill woman’s fiancé, Nehemiah Tittle, was also reportedly taken into custody.

However, after about seventy-two hours (Wednesday evening), the suspects were allowed to walk, but the police said that “this does not mean that the investigation ends there.”

The police said in a statement on the matter that they are “still in the process of interviewing possible witnesses and recording statements.”

“It is important to note that it is not unusual for a person to be taken into custody for questioning by the police, especially if there’s reasonable grounds to believe that that person has useful information to assist in any investigation,” the statement from the constabulary read.

The police further reassured the public that “as the information comes to hand, and the evidence presents itself, the police will continue to follow these leads in anticipation of making further arrests and eventually laying charges.”

Telemaque, who worked at a health food store in St John’s, is the country’s fourteenth homicide victim this year.

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