Suspects escape from detention cell

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Three criminal suspects escaped police custody a week ago and lawmen have been silent on the matter. According to police sources, the men are Ryan Cadette of Green Bay, Hilroy Henry of Christian Street, Gray’s Farm, and Dion Luke of Golden Grove.

They were detained in relation to investigations into a number of reported break-ins and larceny. While the police have not issued any press release or made any public statement about the escapees, OBSERVER media has received confirmation that the men broke out of a cell at St. John’s Police Station a day after they were picked up.

When police went to check the cell they shared around 10 o’clock Thursday night, the men were gone. The cops also checked the bathroom area in the cell at the station, but the men were not there. The officers then examined the bathroom closely and found that the burglar bars had been forced out and the window pried open.

It appeared that was the route of escape for the three men. Since the men escaped, lawmen have reportedly conducted a few stop-and search exercises in several areas of the city, without success.

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