Suspected police stabber remains uncharged

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One week after a police officer was stabbed in the stomach the man who allegedly wielded the scissors that harmed him, is yet to be charged with any crime.
Corporal Michael Grigg was rushed to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre last Wednesday night after a situation he was called in to mediate quickly escalated with the 23-year-old son of a Permanent Secretary allegedly stabbing him.
The officer of 19 years service, spent two days in the hospital where he was monitored. One of the injuries was said to be located one inch away from his liver.
OBSERVER media was reliably told that despite being offered sick leave for his injury, the officer is back at the V.C. Bird International Airport on duty.
Our newsroom was also told yesterday that the alleged stabber whom we were told earlier would have been slapped with wounding with intent, battery on police, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct charges was questioned by police, released from custody and is now back at work.
Grigg, who is stationed at the airport outpost, was responding to a report made by a woman who also works at the airport that her one-year-old daughter had been taken from daycare without her knowing and after contacting the child’s father he admitted to having the child and disconnected the call.
The officer contacted the father and instructed him to bring the toddler to the airport to settle the matter.
However, reports indicate that when the mediator between the parents asked about the child’s lack of footwear and hat at 7 p.m., the father reportedly became aggravated and disorderly.
Sources further state that Grigg told the father that he would be arresting him for his disorderly conduct, but that enraged the accused who allegedly started punching the officer who was holding his hand.
The source added that the officer was dealt several stabs with a pair of scissors. The metal blade pierced his right leg in two places and his abdomen.

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