Suspected ‘dangerous criminal’ caught with fake ID

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A Jamaican man who the police in Antigua & Barbuda believe is a “dangerous criminal,” and who has been hiding in the twin island under false identification, has been arrested.
The suspect has been conducting business under the fake identity Delroy Anthony Grant, and well-placed sources told OBSERVER media there is no record of his entry at the Immigration Department here.
Additionally, investigations have revealed he does not even have a passport and allegedly admitted to police to having convictions in his home country.
Lawmen did not reveal the type of offences for which the man said he was convicted, but said they know he has served time in jail. They’re awaiting additional information from the law enforcement –  Police and Immigration – in Jamaica.
Around 6:15 am yesterday, officers from the Narcotics Department, the Special Services Unit and the Rapid Response Unit went to a house in Radio Range with a warrant to search the property, where Grant has been residing for several months.
Asked his identity, he allegedly gave the false name and produced identification to support it. OBSERVER media was told the man used someone else’s birth certificate to obtain the false identification card back in Jamaica.
Police said they did not find any drugs or other contraband at the house, but they took the man into custody for fraud and presenting false identification.

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