Successful surgery for crash victim, O+ blood still needed at MSJMC

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Sharon Mayers, mother of crash victim Kywanzie Southwell, who is recovering in the Intensive Care Unit, is thanking donors who responded to the call for O+ blood which was needed as her son underwent life-saving surgery at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre on Sunday.
At the same time, the mother said the hospital still needs more blood donations to replenish what was used and to keep the stock up to a certain level.
“I’d like to thank all those who turned out to donate blood [Sunday] and some people are still coming in to donate on his behalf … they are still taking blood on his behalf … I’d like to thank the public for the outpouring of love and support,” she said.
The mother said that her 19-year-old son’s surgery went well and she’s hopeful he will recover fully.
“When he came from surgery he was still fully under the anaesthetic, but the doctors assured me that the surgery went very well and they repaired the damaged liver and the lungs that were punctured, they put something in there to expand it so oxygen can flow, both of his lungs were punctured,” the woman detailed.
She said as she was speaking to him after the surgery she saw him move his left arm and his eyebrow “a little bit” and that gave her “some reassurance and hope” since he had been unresponsive otherwise.
Southwell, who is known among his peers as “Smiley Dan,” was the front seat passenger in a silver Toyota Vitz, A-54522, which crashed in Cobbs Cross injuring him and four of his teenaged friends in the wee hours of Sunday.
The accident occurred in the vicinity of Budget Marine while the vehicle was traveling from south to north. The car slammed into a culvert, spun out of control, and landed on its wheels.
Three of the people in the back of the car were reportedly thrown from it while it flipped and spun, but Southwell – who was wearing his seatbelt – was trapped inside due to the extensive damage to the vehicle.
The driver suffered a dislocated shoulder and was treated and discharged. However, he later returned to the hospital because he was vomiting. The lone female passenger suffered a broken hand while another male teen had a broken shoulder. Another passenger reportedly sustained a punctured lung and was treated and warded at Mount St. John’s Medical Centre.


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