Students should be included in decision making says PTA head

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President of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Alister Thomas believes that there should be a multi-sectoral approach to education with the inclusion of students.

According to Thomas, there are many challenges like social media technology and how it has impacted, is impacting and will impact the social behaviour and the entire cultural behaviour of children.

He says it is imperative that students be included in any discussion which impacts them.

“Students must be at the table at every level. I think we would have solved more problems if we give the respect and engage them and respect that they have the capacity to discuss many of these subject areas,” he said.

“I feel strongly that what we have done, is speaking for, and on behalf of students, taking our bias and prejudice, believing that the students do not possess the intellectual capacity to discuss their future,” the PTA head elaborated.

He also emphasised that parents need to play a more active role in the association.

“I want to encourage more parents to be more active in their PTA and ensure that the associations are functional and active. It is a great help to the students and the entire partnership between parents, teachers and students,” he stated.

In addition, he said, educators should focus on trying to tap into the maximum potential of their students to get the best results.

He noted that, in some instances, the emphasis of looking at the academic performance needs to be revisited because it sometimes leads the students to believe that if they do not acquire certain passes then they have failed, and this according to him, is not true.

“Teachers need to engage a little more in giving that assurance to students. It’s not just about performing well, but it’s to prepare you to be the leaders, men and women of tomorrow, to be the owners of the future society, and I think that needs to be imbedded in that cohesive learning as is the curricular programme,” Thomas said.

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