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Student stabs another at school

Police and emergency personnel rushed to the Princess Margaret School to respond to a stabbing incident, yesterday.
Almost immediately after the 1:30 p.m. bell sounded to dismiss school, one male student was stabbed by one of his male schoolmates.
It is alleged that a sharp weapon was used to inflict the injury.
Students, who claimed that they heard the commotion, told OBSERVER media that there was a verbal dispute that quickly escalated into the fourth form male student stabbing the other student while other children were leaving the school compound through the gate.
The Emergency Medical Services was summoned to the school and the injured teen was transported to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre for treatment while lawmen took the alleged stabber into police custody.
Up to press time, the extent of the teen’s injuries was unknown and the Strategic Communications Office said it was yet to receive the report on the stabbing.
Our newsroom reached out to the school’s principal Colin Greene moments after the stabbing and he indicated that he was too busy, at that time, to comment on the matter.



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