Student stabbed at West Bus Station

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The police were yesterday reportedly summoned to investigate an alleged stabbing involving two secondary school girls at the West Bus Station yesterday afternoon.
According to a witness who did not want his named published in the media, two girls – dressed in the uniform of Ottos Comprehensive Secondary School and Pares Secondary School – attacked another girl who was wearing the Jennings Secondary School uniform around 3 pm inside the Bus terminal.
The witness said while the student was being attacked, she pulled out a pair of scissors and stabbed one of the alleged aggressors.
That girl was stabbed twice according to this
witness who said he saw a “scramble” which occurred just before the stabbing.
“Two girls were fighting, one from Ottos, one from Jennings. The Jennings School girl stab up the Ottos Comprehensive girl. The ambulance was there and the girl from Ottos looked like she got stabbed real
bad so she end up and go into the ambulance to go to the hospital and the other girl from Jennings school was in police custody,” he said.
Another witness told OBSERVER media that the victim’s injuries did not appear life threatening and the Emergency Medical Technicians treated her on the scene.
That witness said the girl who was stabbed picked up a plank to go after the other student. However, onlookers held her back and called 911.
Three bus drivers who spoke with OBSERVER media immediately after the incident lamented that the police need to address the situation of students loitering at the bus station for several hours after school.
The drivers said fights occur there almost every week.

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