Student says, “Thank you!”

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One year after Wendy Wallace, an Antiguan student pursuing a law degree in Barbados was badly injured in a car crash in Dominica, she is recovering well and says, “Thanks!”
Wallace told OBSERVER media yesterday that after spending six weeks in the hospital in Dominica and undergoing therapy to learn to walk again, she is almost “90 percent.”
But Wallace said that she needs surgery to remove pins and screws from her left leg.
“I haven’t been able to go back to school as yet…I need the surgery because it is kind of keeping me back from finishing my studies. But, if you see me walking you would never guess I was in an accident; it has been a miracle and I have to thank God,” she said.
On January 7, 2017, Wallace was involved in a traffic accident in Dominica. The law student was a passenger in the rear seat when a vehicle driven by a youngster smashed into the car in which she was riding.
Wallace’s femur in her left leg was broken, and her right knee had to be reconstructed.
The accident victim said that it took her approximately four months to learn to walk again.
 That’s when she returned to Antigua.
The former UWI Cave Hill campus student was a second-year law student when the accident left her bedridden.
She explained that she should have returned to school at the beginning of the January 2018 semester.
Now, Wallace said that she is considering a change in her major to Employment and Labour Relations.
She is now in the application process to continue her education at the same campus in which she was enrolled when the accident occurred.
In the weeks and months after her accident, Wallace said that it was her supporters who helped her get over the difficult time, and she is extending a hearty “Thank you” to her friends, family, and anyone who donated through the crowd campaign to fund her medical expenses.

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