Strike at Health Centre

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A deteriorating building, overtime, back payments and deplorable working conditions are chief among the reasons that the employees of the Health Centre on All Saint’s Road in St John’s have decided to down tools this morning.

“I don’t think the workers are treated really fairly,” said one worker moments ago.

The workers have complained to the department’s management about issues such as rat infestation, the leaking roof, a waterlogged department yard for some time now, according to the disgruntled workers.

“As you can see the building. They promised to fix it some time ago, but up to now nothing has happened,” another worker added.

The workers have vowed to only work up until noon on workdays until the issues they have outlined are addressed.

The union representing the over 150 workers in this instance is the Antigua and Barbuda Trade and Labour Union (ABT&LU).

OBSERVER media will bring you more as the situation develops.

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