Stricter Covid-19 measures could be on the horizon for Antigua and Barbuda

Health Minister Sir Molwyn Joseph
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Health Minister Sir Molwyn Joseph says the Cabinet is set to discuss measures they will take if the delta variant of the Covid-19 virus is detected in Antigua and Barbuda.

Minister Joseph says the government could implement stricter measures even before the variant is detected in the country including increasing curfew hours, re-examining the measures and protocols at bars and other approved recreational activity and stricter enforcement of mask wearing.

The delta variant of the virus is not only considered more transmissible but more deadly than other forms of the virus.

While the laboratory at the Sir Lester Bird Mount St John’s Medical Centre is now able to detect variant samples of the virus, the delta strain is not one of them.

Minister Joseph says efforts are already being made by the head of the lab Dr Lester Simon to boost capacity at the facility.

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