Stray bullets hit St. Johnston's home

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A landlord has expressed “shock and dismay” after two stray bullets went through his three-bedroom property in St Johnston’s Village on the weekend, with one of them passing inches away from a bed in which a seven-year-old girl slept.
Businessman Ken Hurst said the bullet came from the south side of a building which houses a rum shop or bar, pierced the front door of the wooden home, passed through, and then penetrated a concrete house on the other side of the road, which was occupied by an elderly woman.
The second bullet, Hurst said, impacted a wall which separated the bedroom from the living room.
The first home in question is occupied by a woman, her daughter and her grandchild.
The tenant made the discovery early Sunday morning, and contacted her landlord.
“For me, someone who was born and grew up in the village and my 90-year-old mother who still lives in the village, I am absolutely annoyed; dismayed and totally not accepting of what my country is turning into,” Hurst said in an interview on Sunday, hours after the tenant woke up and made the discovery.
“This lawlessness has to stop. When I got there the lady reported that the police came without no proper equipment to conduct their investigations and up to now they have not contacted me.”
When OBSERVER media contacted the tenant, she indicated that she was not in the right frame of mind to offer a comment as she was still shaken up about the incident.
Hurst said at this point he is fearful for the safety of his tenant and her family and he is unsure whether she would be vacating the property or remain there.
The landlord said that decision would be left up to his tenant.
He also said that in the event she decides to relocate, he would be forced to sell the property which is the main income generator for his elderly mother.
“My mother built that property 40-odd years ago, that is really one of the things she depends on for paying her tithes and livelihood,” Hurst said.
Police confirmed knowledge of the incident, which they said could be linked to a number of criminal activities which occurred Saturday night into Sunday morning in the same area.
Lawmen said investigations will continue in the matter.

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