Stop purchasing stolen items, police warn

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Police are advising members of the public to desist from the practice of purchasing items from anyone who is not involved in any legitimate business, or are gainfully employed.

“This is because there is reasonable information to suggest that items stolen from homes, vehicles or elsewhere are either being sold locally or shipped out of the country,” a press release said.

The police are therefore reminding the public that it is an offence, in accordance with section 37 of the Larceny Act, Cap 241 of the Laws of Antigua and Barbuda.

The law states that for anyone to receive any property knowing the same to have been stolen or obtained in any way whatsoever under circumstances which amount to a felony or misdemeanor.

Anyone found guilty, in the case of an indictable offence can be sentenced up to 10 years at Her Majesty’s Prison or five years on a summary offence.

Police are further encouraging owners of businesses, who are involved in the sale or exchange of electrical and electronic equipment, furniture, tools and other valuable goods to ensure that proper accountable and procedural measures are followed at all times.

They further ask that every effort should be made to report all suspicious activities to the police without delay.

Just last week, the police issued a press release urging residents to pay closer attention to their personal security, as well as the security of their homes and other properties.

It is believed that many of these goods that are being resold have been acquired through such incidents of larceny.

Reports are that some vehicle owners are still in the habit of leaving valuable items inside their vehicles in plain view, and this has resulted in their vehicles being broken into and the items stolen.

The release added that there are also instances where persons parked their vehicles in remote areas and left them unsecured and unattended for extended periods of time.

As such, they also appealed to “homeowners and business operators to ensure that their properties are properly locked and secured, whenever they are away. Installing quality locks and other proper security mechanisms are also advisable.”

Meanwhile, the police gave their commitment to engaging members of the public, as they collaborate to address matters of crime and other security concerns.

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