Still no closure in Susan Powell’s killing

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Today marks five years since Susan ‘Sue’ Powell, the mother of five, was gunned down but her sister, Faye Charlton is lamenting that to her knowledge, there still has not been any progress in the police investigations.
She added that there has been no closure and she has not been able to heal since her sister’s passing.
So far, no arrests have been made pertaining to the murder, Charlton said.
She said no one, including the police has contacted the family.
“It’s like the case has gone cold and no one cares. There is no interest,” she said, speaking to OBSERVER media.
“Nothing has been done, absolutely nothing” she added.
Charlton said she would like for someone from the police department to call the family and assure them that the case has not been forgotten.
She wishes for the case to be kept alive in the media as well as the unsolved murders of other individuals.
Overall, she wishes for her sister to be remembered.
“We don’t know if they’re still investigating the case. We don’t know anything,” she said.
She doesn’t believe that the E.C. $50,000 reward that was offered to anyone who was able to give information that would bring the killer to justice was publicised enough.
Charlton believes that someone knows what happened on the day her sister was killed and who is responsible but is either afraid to speak or is close to the murderer.
She said more needs to be done to provide closure for families of murder victims.
She described the number of unsolved murder cases in Antigua as ridiculous, adding that other families that have had loved ones murdered are also hurting without answers.
She mentioned that she has tried everything in her power to help to resolve the case and is open to suggestions.
Powell who was gunned down while at work as a sales woman at First Gadget Electronic Store would have turned 44 this year.

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