Stepping on the Black man’s neck

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By Dotsie Isaac

As we stretch our necks across the water

To the protests and murder in Minnesota

Where is the outrage for all the necks

That get stepped on in Antigua?

In Barbuda, a Caucasian Texan

Block the road with his jeep and tell a Barbudan

“You can’t cross here. This is MY land.”

Well, that is more than gumption and disrespect.

THAT is kneeling on the black man’s neck.

A British prisoner is housed in contrast conditions

To the black man’s daughters and local sons

Who crap in buckets and old slop pails

Who grow old and die in this overcrowded jail

A black prisoner walked into a baton of blows

Cut-up he face and bruck-up he nose

But he can’t get no treatment.

Meanwhile, Umberto Schenato got a quiet release

Now up by Fiennes receiving treatment. Please.

Somebody has determined …… that as long as this Italian murderer is alive

He won’t spend another minute up at 1735

THAT, is kneeling on the black man’s neck.

When some kinda naturalised Indian man

Call for boycott of a local radio station and publication

That is not only an economic threat

That is kneeling on the black man’s neck

A white Canadian renamed a beach in his own honour

And block that beach entrance with big boulders

And dared to compete with the local beach vendors.

Bo Dog and Top Dog. Kindred canine spirits, I guess.

But THAT is stepping on the black man’s neck.

Chinese nationals given acres and acres of agriculture land

At every turn they underselling the local businessman

First comes our colonisation

Followed by the death of the Antiguan black man.

Now, the geese that lay the golden eggs

Get not 10. Not 25. But hundreds instead

Of close family members at their funeral.

While the yard fowl got 10 mourners

A backhoe …. and a pauper’s burial

Black people nah want mourn dem dead too?

Talk bout adding insult to injury

Dem hawk up cold in the face of the families

Loved ones barred from paying their last respect

If that’s not kneeling on the black man’s neck.


And now 25 persons allowed at the cemetery

It is the highest form of hypocrisy

In a country full of black necks.

Massa sitting up in parliament big chair

Wid he light complexion and coolie gray hair

To hell with the constitution he say

BUT, pay attention to Erskine May

There will be no personal explanations in here today.

Tried to muzzle the blackest man in the parliament

And now contemplating his punishment

Because that black man did not relent

He pack he Georgie bundle and his black neck and go

Because he’s a man! He’s not anybody’s negro.

The generous Minister of Tourism

Was quick to make a blood donation

To the tourist white woman.

It made the news.

There are two black sisters at Mount St. John

Mr. Minister, you can give them some?

Bruce Jungle Greenaway belonged to somebody.

He nah drop from hollow tree.

He has children and a family.

When the air left his lungs and his body could take no more

They dumped him at the altar of the shore

Waiting for the waves to wash away their sins

After they strangled him.

And we wait.

Every crime in this country is under investigation

Hoping we forget, nothing ever comes to conclusion.

Keeping the pressure on the black man’s neck.

Inquiry? What hypocrisy coming from you, Mr. Robinson. You better hush

Were any inquires commissioned under your watch?

Of all the extra-judicial killings by police hands?

Playing judge and jury for black people’s sons.

Politicians say, we can make music with the black man’s neck

One step forward, two steps back

Hear the black man’s neck snap and crack

In this country the road to riches is paved with the black man’s neck

Just make your demands and show them the cheque.

Anything you see you want, you just tek

Black man mek noise get a kick inna he neck.

Racism is alive and well in Antigua and Barbuda.

So when we looking across the pond at Minnesota


that plenty black man kneeling on black necks inna dis country yah.

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