Statement from Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle

Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Jamale Pringle (File photo)
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Dear residents of Antigua and Barbuda:

Last night into today, we endured the passage of Tropical  Storm Philippe, but are thankful to God for the rain that is so desperately needed and for sparing our lives.  

We all came together as a community and as a country to return to a state of operation, mobilizing to remove shrubs, fallen trees, and debris that obstructed drains and waterways.  

Driving through the communities, it warmed my heart to see neighbours helping each other and children playing their part. I saw people coming together to achieve something worthwhile in the name of humanity and the love of country. 

I also reached out to my brothers and sisters in Barbuda. From all accounts, everyone is safe, as they, too, were largely spared by this tropical storm. I continue to pray for their safety as they put hearts and hands together to clean up the sister-island. My thoughts and best wishes remain with all of you.  

On behalf of the United Progressive Party and, especially, my parliamentary colleagues, thank you to all the emergency response units from APUA, the Defense and Police Forces, and the Office of National Disaster Services, as well as community and church groups who came out to do their part in restoring the country to normalcy. 

Antigua and Barbuda is a strong nation, and even through adversities such as this, we are quick to get up, dust ourselves off, and move on with renewed strength. 

Thank you, all, for being your neighbour’s keeper. May God continue to bless us and may He continue to hold the nation of Antigua and Barbuda in His hands.

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