Staff/students at Nelvie N Gore Primary honour King Swallow in their own special way

Staff and Students at the Nelvie N Gore primary after engaging in an activity last week in remembrance of Sir Rupert Philo. (Photos courtesy school staff)
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By Theresa Goodwin

[email protected]

Students from Nelvie N Gore, formerly the Willikies Primary School, were among the hundreds of nationals paying their final respects to Calypso legend Sir Rupert “King Swallow” Philo, who was laid to rest last week following a thanksgiving service befitting a man of his stature.

Sir Rupert, who hails from the Willikies village, has supported the educational institution over the years, and educators there say the staff members and students wanted to ensure that his love and support was recognised.

To this end, a group of students from grades one to six, along with members of staff, handpicked and assembled live flowers that were planted under a signage in the community bearing the image of the calypso king.

An educator at the school told OBSERVER that this was done last Monday and coincided with a procession through the community which followed the official funeral service.

The teacher said that the staff and students held up fresh bouquets as the procession passed the signage, which is in close proximity to the community cemetery where Sir Rupert’s body was laid to rest.

They then proceeded to plant the flowers under the billboard at the end of the procession.

“We felt the need to do something symbolic to show our love for Sir Rupert and his family, and the children, even the younger ones, were so excited. They walked down the hill in the hot sun and back without complaining,” an educator told our newsroom.

Swallow passed away at home on September 11 after suffering from a prolonged illness.

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