Staff say ABS protest being taken lightly

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Striking workers at the Antigua and Barbuda Broadcasting Service (ABS) continue to express dissatisfaction as they press for resolution of their grievances.

Shop Steward Kerrio Adams told OBSERVER the message does not seem to be getting across to the relevant authorities and they are “waiting for the Ministry to reach out.”

On Thursday about 50 workers decided to halt work following a meeting on Wednesday with the Labour Commissioner to address letters issued by the Permanent Secretary to about 30 employees, informing them that they will not be paid for seven days in December 2018 when they first took industrial action.

Adams further stated that the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Melford Nicholas, visited ABS on Thursday but failed to engage the protesting staff in conversation or make any effort to quell the situation.

Instead, according to reports, “he commended those who are still at work” amid the disagreeable working conditions.

Adams said the minister appears to be downplaying the entire situation rather than fulfilling

promises made to address the matter urgently.

The staff expressed that they will not be returning to work until ALL of their issues have been addressed in the form of a “concrete decision by the ministry,” as stated by Adams. 

The employees have been protesting for better working conditions, overtime pay and for the sacking of their general manager.

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