Stadium workers expected back at work on Monday

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Employees at Sir Vivian Richards Grounds are expected to resume their regular duties on Monday, after four consecutive days of non-productivity on the job.
The 60-plus Ministry of Sports employees that are assigned to the stadium have been off the job since Tuesday after there was a physical confrontation between one of the evacuees from Barbuda and an employee.
“Once the Barbudans leave over the weekend, I have no doubt that the workers will be back on the job. A lot of the staff didn’t come to work [Friday] and they didn’t call or message,” Conliffe Phillip said yesterday. “A promise was made that they [government] will start moving the rest of the Barbudans to the Nurses’ Hostel, and I have no doubt that they will follow through.”
Phillip, the stadium manager, said that he sent his staff home early on Tuesday over safety concerns stemming from the physical confrontation that led to police being called.
On Wednesday, most of the staff reported sick. 
On Thursday, the groundsmen, administrative staff, and events co-ordinators turned up for their 8 a.m. shift; however, they were back off the job by 10 a.m.
The issues arose over questions about the laundry room hours at the stadium and the imminent relocation of the Barbudans at the directive of the National Office of Disaster Services and Phillip.
The stadium is scheduled to begin hosting regional cricket games from January 18, and it needs some preparatory work.  
However, the evacuees refused to leave, contending they had nowhere else to go and that is was unfair to ask them to evacuate when alternative housing arrangements had not been made for them.
At maximum capacity, there were just over 150 evacuees seeking shelter at the stadium. Phillip said that since that peak, many had either returned to Barbuda, gone to stay with Antiguan families or moved to another temporary shelter, leaving approximately 40 people. 

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