Stabbing at Ottos Comprehensive School

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A stabbing incident at Ottos Comprehensive School has left one student hospitalised and another in police custody.
The incident occurred shortly after 9 am in a second form classroom, while the students were attending a remedial class.
An eyewitness told OBSERVER media that the student who was rushed to hospital, was stabbed approximately eight times with a knife.
It is alleged that the attack stems from a long, ongoing rift between the two students.
The witness says students and teachers intervened when the two boys started fighting, and they managed to get them apart.
At that time, the injured student had reportedly only been stabbed twice.
But, as the situation appeared to reach a calm, the teens rushed at each other again and that’s when more stabs were inflicted.
The witness says the injured teen was conscious when the ambulance arrived, but he was bleeding profusely.

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