St. Phillips woman 102 not out

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Originally from the eastern side of the country, Maude Warner holds the honour of being one of the 19 centenarians living in Antigua.
A devout member of the Enon Moravian Church in Newfield, Warner of St. Phillips, who celebrated 102 years of life yesterday, is described as a quiet woman who is constantly humming “as if she is in constant meditation with her Creator,” said Lora Piper, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Social Transformation.
Piper told the many relatives and well-wishers who joined Sir Rodney Williams, governor general, and Lady Sandra Williams that they should turn to the Lord in their youth.
“Develop an attitude of prayer and commitment to God so that at any point in life you can resort to a quiet peaceful life like Aunt Maude,” Piper said.
In congratulating the centenarian on achieving such a feat, Sir Rodney said it was a blessing for Warner to live so long. He said that she would have done something right since life can be volatile – ending unexpectedly.
He thanked her family and caretakers who cater to her daily needs, stating they would have benefited from her wealth of knowledge and experience.
Warner is the wife of the late James Warner who passed away at the age of 41, some 60 years ago.
Their union bore nine children. Hubert, Stafford and Hilroy Warner and Islyn Browne are the surviving children.
Browne said her mother worked the fields as a young woman and was later employed at Mill Reef as a maid before retiring to her home, where she continued gardening.
The daughter said Warner started “slowing down after the death of  another daughter back in 2006.”

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