St. Mary’s Secondary returns to familiar digs

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By Shermain Bique-Charles

[email protected]

Students and teachers at the St. Mary’s Secondary School are expected to return to their old classrooms today Monday, abandoning a week-long shift system with the Jennings Secondary School.

In a statement released by the Ministry of Education over the weekend, Clare Browne, the Director of Education, said that remedial yard work was near completion.

The Ministry of Works has laid the finished material on the parking area, and should be wrapping up work on the road leading into the school… This will allow for the immediate return of staff and students,” he said.

Earlier this month, January 16 to be exact, the school was shut down because soggy grounds, expansion work and the threat of an increase in the mosquito population made it impossible for teachers and students to function. And then on January 20, the school was closed indefinitely.

A few days later, education officials formulated a shift system between Jennings Secondary and the St. Mary’s Secondary.

Normal classes at these two institutions will resume from Monday, 3rd February, 2020,” Browne said.

The Director did not fall short of extending gratitude to the principal and staff of the Jennings Secondary School for readily agreeing to accommodate the displaced school.

“We acknowledge too that the shift system could not have been successfully implemented without the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board. We regret the disruption of education to students at the St. Mary’s Secondary School and thank the principal, teachers, other staff, students and parents for the forbearance displayed,” he added.

Meanwhile Browne reveals that there is a comprehensive drainage plan for the school that requires medium to long-term effort.

As a result, he said that work will continue, and completion of the same should coincide with the completion of the school’s expansion work currently in progress. 

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