St. Lucia prepares for Caribe Wave Tsunami Simulation Exercise with NEMO

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On March 23, 2023, Saint Lucia will participate in the annual CARIBE WAVE tsunami simulation exercise. The National Emergency Management Organisation [NEMO] is the coordinating agency for this year’s CARIBE WAVE exercise. The exercise seeks to test Saint Lucia’s alert system and communication processes to identify opportunities and areas for improvement.

The NEMO has assembled a committee which comprises a mix of officials from the private and public sectors who are versed in disaster management, communications, civil engineering, law enforcement and emergency response and education. The Committee is tasked with coordinating the upcoming simulation. 

At approximately 10 am on March 23, the general public will receive electronic alerts that will inform on the approach of a simulated tsunami. Also, sirens will sound off in communities where the NEMO has installed Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems. These communities include Anse la Raye, Canaries, Dennery Village and Marchand. Participating radio stations may also simultaneously transmit the sound of an alarm at 10 am. 

Be reminded, these alerts are part of a simulation exercise. The NEMO does not wish to incite undue panic. If you receive the alert on March 23 do not panic. 

The alert will carry information about the simulated tsunami and also a web link to fill out a survey. The NEMO is encouraging the public to participate. Your feedback will be useful to improving Saint Lucia’s alert system. 

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