St. John’s Taxi Association Triumphs in Securing 10% Fare Increase for Cruise Services

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By Samantha Simon
[email protected]

In a significant victory for St. John’s Taxi Association, a resounding 10% fare increase for taxi operators serving cruise passengers has been successfully negotiated for the upcoming season. The collaborative effort with the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association represents a landmark achievement for the association, marking the first rate hike since the 2005/6 season.

Tourism Minister Charles Fernandez, the bearer of this welcome news, expressed satisfaction with the negotiated agreement. He underscored the Ministry’s commitment to enhancing cruise ship calls during the summer season, a vital component of Antigua and Barbuda’s tourism sector.

Vice President Andre Friday, confirming the implementation of the fare increase, shared his optimism about the positive impact this decision would have on the local economy. With over 700,000 passengers expected at St. John’s Harbour throughout the season, the fare adjustment is poised to bolster economic opportunities for taxi operators.

Friday emphasized the move as not just a financial milestone but as a crucial step towards fostering fairness within the taxi industry. The 10% fare increase is anticipated to provide a more equitable distribution of economic benefits among taxi operators, aligning with the principles of a thriving and balanced local economy.

As the cruise season approaches, this development positions the St. John’s Taxi Association for a successful and economically rewarding collaboration with cruise services, contributing to the overall growth and prosperity of the region. 🚕🌐 #StJohnsTaxiAssociation #FareIncrease #CruiseServicesSuccess

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