St. John’s Taxi Association members welcome new regulations

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The general membership of St. John’s Taxi Association is satisfied with the new regulations for taxi operations in Heritage Quay ahead of the upcoming cruise tourism season.
The members expressed approval on Thursday at a meeting held at the Multi-Purpose Cultural Centre to which the Ministry of Tourism and Investment, the Antigua Pier Group and the St. John’s Development Corporation were invited to inform the body about the new regulations that were announced on October 19.
The new regulations were reached following key discussions with the executive body of the St. John’s Taxi Association, who welcomed the proposed changes that should allow its members to overcome challenges of parking and other issues that have hindered them from effectively plying their trade.
The general meeting was also aimed at sensitising the association’s members to plans for regularising all taxi operations in Heritage Quay in an effort to curb the harassment of visitors. 
Members of the St. John’s Taxi Association are the only taxi operators sanctioned to operate within Heritage Quay but they are often affected by people from other associations plying their trade in the Quay.
The new regulations will also cover operations at the Nevis Street Pier and Redcliffe Quay area.

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  1. An interesting proposal regarding the harassment of visitors and the St. John’s Taxi Association being the only taxi operators sanctioned to operate within Heritage Quay. My experience whilst visiting last week, however, casts doubts on some of the membership and their sanctioned operations. We were a group of 6 looking for a tourist trip to Nelson’s Dockyard and Shirley Heights. We were approached by a member of the Association, appropriately dressed, who then farmed us off to what I suspect was a non sanctioned member who took us round in BUS24 which was a vehicle I can only describe as dilapidated with a broken windscreen, no seatbelts, poor suspension and worn and uncomfortable seating. If the Association wish to be treated as ‘the only kids on the block’ they need to get their act together and make their members toe the line.


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