St. John’s Rural East voters challenged

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The Free and Fair Election League has challenged almost one dozen of the registered voters in one constituency.
Yule Halstead, a field officer of the league, is challenging 11 names on the registry for St. John’s Rural East.
Secretary of the Free and Fair Election League George Rick James said yesterday at the Friar’s Hill Road constituency registration office that only a voter in a constituency can challenge the names of voters in his or her constituency.
A list of voters was published by the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission and James said that while some of the voters have died since being registered, others are registered to vote in the wrong constituency.
“Our focus is that there are several electors who are registered in the wrong constituency, to be specific, the address that [these voters provided indicate that they] actually belong to another constituency. I don’t know, it could be an issue with boundaries. But, it can also be an issue with the persons who are doing the processing are not familiar with the constituency boundaries,” he said.
James further noted that anyone who would want to see a free and fair election would understand that the objection phase is part of the democratic process.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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