St John’s Catholic Primary School to layoff entire teaching staff

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The entire teaching staff at the St John’s Catholic Primary School is to be laid off as the educational institution exams its current financial status.

This was outlined in a recent letter addressed to the General Secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Union of Teachers, Annetta Alexander Hunte.

The letter, penned by Chairman of the Board of Directors, Elroy Skerrit, outlined that it was the school’s intention to maintain the salaries going into the summer months.

However, after reviewing the school’s finances the board has determined it will be unsustainable.

The board said it has to consider the long-term implication on the operational viability of the school and future job security of the staff.

As a result, a decision was taken to lay off teaching staff in a phased approach.

The process began on June 1 with 16 educators while the second batch will be laid off on June 8th.

The letter also stated that staff may be recalled on or before November 2020.

Skerrit also told the teachers’ union that the board has no problem with educators accessing their thrift fund during the period that they will be laid off.

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