St George MP spends Caricom Day resolving dangerous gutter in constituency

St George MP Algernon Watts overseeing drainage work carried out in the Potters community
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By Robert A. Emmanuel

[email protected]

Constituents and drivers roaming the streets in Potters may no longer have to deal with an unkempt gutter which has been a source of concern for nearly a decade.

St George MP, Algernon Watts, yesterday answered the call of one of his constituents to remove shrubbery from the area which one resident said has been an issue for drivers for many years.

“So, this drain/gutter is central to the village of Potters, all the water that runs from the top of the village comes down here either on the Reynolds side or the Pond side and then supposed to make its way to the Factory Road area.

“However, this gutter has not been cleaned in ages in that there are trees in the gutter that normally take years to grow; the road itself has been eroded in such a bad way that if you do not know the area—which we have seen repeatedly that cars come, think they are on a straight road and fall into the eroded part,” MP Watts said.

He continued that the issue of the shrubbery was so bad that a truck recently fell into the gutter due to the road erosion.

“We have written to Public Works, spoken on the media for some assistance, I have even reached out to some people in Central Board of Health [and I have heard] nothing and so we are not going to continue to wait on them,” he said.

“This has been here since my predecessor’s days, and as we went door to door this is one of the things that people talk about…two Fridays ago, I got a call that there was a big pickup that was in the gutter because it missed the road and fell into the gutter,” he added.

Watts said that he and his team had taken it upon themselves to hire a person with heavy duty equipment to assist them in clearing out the area.

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