Sports on hold at OCS, all schools

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One of the most successful high schools in sports, in recent times, will have to put its sports programme on hold this school year, as Covid regulations remain a hindrance to competitive sports.

The school term for students at the Ottos Comprehensive School continues formally this week – with students attending classes three times weekly on rotation.

Foster Roberts, the principal, spoke of the void that will be left by this lack of championship sporting activities.

“There will be no sports. The ministry of sports has put a hold on all sporting activities in schools. As a school, we believe that sports and education go hand in hand. We promote that among our children, so if you see them excelling, it is because of the emphasis we place on sports. We have a very rigid sports programme that we started a few years ago, and it us now bearing some of the fruits we thought that it could bear.”

As for managing students while at the school plant, Roberts said the most challenging part has already proven to be social distancing.

He explained that because most students had not seen each other since schools closed in March, they tend to be excited to see their friends and gather together. He pointed out that recess causes the biggest challenge thus far, but his staff remains vigilant.

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