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Sports ministry to form sponsorship committee


A new committee to track and secure sponsorship for school sports is currently under formation within the Ministry of Sports.
This is according to Director of Sports, Heather Samuel-Daley, who said although some sports have been able to attract local corporate citizens, a number of other sports remain hampered by a lack of adequate finances.
“That’s a part the ministry is working towards addressing. We have had several discussions on it and in the not too distant future I am sure part of it will be ironed out. As a sponsor you need something tangible and that is what we are working towards,” she said.
“Massy has been a tremendous support for cricket over 20 years. Cool & Smooth has come on board and has been helping out with volleyball and basketball; and I am quite sure there are others out there willing to put their money where their mouth is,” she added.
The committee, Daley hinted, will consists of a number of individuals knowledgeable on the subject, including Parliamentary Secretary with responsibility for sports, Senator Colin James.
“It’s not one person in particular and I really can’t give the names but it’s a group of persons who would be working towards that and Senator Colin James is also going to be on that. It is fair to say that the committee is being set up but it has been in discussions for quite a while now,” the director said.
The formation of the committee is expected to be completed in short order.



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