Sports loving principal congratulates young sprinter, Lloyd

National and University of Tennessee sprinter, Joella Lloyd.
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By Neto Baptiste

Principal of the Princess Margaret School (PMS) and a known sports enthusiast, Dr Colin Greene, has offered congratulations to young female sprinter Joella Lloyd after she created a bit of school history while setting a personal best of 7.15 second to win the 60 meters dash for the University at Tennessee at the SEC Championships over the weekend.

Greene, who is heralded for the quality of both his academic and athletic programme at the school, said the 18-year-old sprinter has always been a fierce competitor.

“I want to offer my formal congratulations to Joella as well for her fantastic run over the weekend. I heard some people saying that she is going to be special but I think that most of us who have been following her have known for a long time that she is special. She is an outstanding athlete and we just want to wish her all the best and hope that she goes from strength to strength,” he said.

“She is level-headed from what I know and I am very confident she is in good hands and that she will do well. Antiguans should be proud of her accomplishments in a big region like the SEC and to be champion, this is no papi-show region,” he added. 

Lloyd, who had lowered her personal best on two separate occasions leading up to the start of the championships last Thursday, again lowered her time even while winning the 60 meters dash on Saturday.

Greene said the athlete’s feat should not be ignored as being just another win given the level of competition she faced.

“I sometimes think we don’t understand the accomplishments these youngsters achieve because this is a tremendous accomplishment. The SEC is the heart of US collegiate sports in terms of track and field so that is a big accomplishment and we just hope that she stays healthy and goes onto the outdoors to continue that form and I think once that happens that we are going to hear good things from her,” he said.

Lloyd is a sophomore at the University at Tennessee.

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