Sponsor says he will not be daunted by vandalism

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Sponsor of the recently-concluded Grays Green Community Football League, Anderson Carty, in an interview with OBSERVER media, said he will not be discouraged by miscreants who destroyed his billboard.
“I just want to make it clear that I will not be deterred by any act of vandalism. I will continue to sponsor the league going forward and so there will be a lot more billboards for them to take down,” Carty said.
He explained that he was the sole sponsor of the league to the tune of $17, 200. He added that part of the sponsorship arrangement required a billboard to be erected by the King George V Restoration Society Committee, the organiser of the league. He added that the billboard was of a picture of himself and the names of various places within the community touting the sponsorship of the league.
He added that the billboard in question was mounted approximately 12 to 15 feet high inside the back-entrance gate of the community centre and it was to remain there for at least a year as per the sponsorship arrangement.
Carty recalled getting a phone call from a member of the community who indicated that someone had cut down and defaced the billboard. He stated that he went there himself to verify what he was told and to his chagrin it turned out to be true.
He said he then immediately made a report to the police but having done some investigation himself throughout the community, he was told by several individuals that the perpetrator is someone who goes by the moniker ‘VP.’
The sponsor has appealed to the community for assistance with information that will lead to the culprit being brought to justice. He said that individuals could tell him what they know, and he will pass on the information to the police so that they can investigate.
He added that the billboard costs roughly $3,000.

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