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Spencer: 2016, not Antigua & Barbuda’s finest


Opposition Leader of the United Progressive Party, Baldwin Spencer has said 2016 will not go down in history as one of the country’s finest years.
In his New Year’s address, Spencer said for many Antiguans and Barbudans, 2016 was beset by difficulties.
“Despite government’s lavish promises and our modest expectations, we continued to be disappointed as we endured erratic utility services — electricity and water that made lives inconvenient at best and downright miserable at worst,” he said.
According to Spencer, the country’s citizens struggled in 2016 under the weight of high gas prices and high electricity rates in comparison to rest of the region and the world.
“Thousands of jobs were promised and young people were duped by ground-breakings for projects that never got off the ground,” he declared.
He also accused government of delaying on pension payments, leaving senior citizens without recourse or resources.
“Where the enhancement of our democracy was in order, we were ambushed by the abridgement of our human and civil rights via the passage of arbitrary laws and the manipulation of the police force,” Spencer charged.
Meantime, he said, the much-anticipated referendum initiative turned out to be more of a bully-pulpit for the CCJ than a legitimate attempt to reform our 35-year-old Constitution.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)



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