Special training for teachers and cleaners as country gets ready for school

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By Shermain Bique-Charles
[email protected]

As September 7 approaches, the Ministry of Education and the Central Board of Health are pushing to ensure that teachers, principals and cleaners from both private and public schools are fully equipped for the classroom in the face of Covid-19.

On Wednesday morning, these individuals turned out in large numbers to receive hands-on training on cough etiquette, respiratory hygiene, proper wearing of facemasks, and cleaning and disinfection.

Senior Health Inspector Julienne Mannix told Observer that staff should feel more comfortable knowing that their environments are properly cleaned.

“Some of the frequently touched surfaces that we want the cleaners to pay particular attention to would be the desks, chairs, door handles, hand rails in the bathroom setting, the faucets and the sink. We must ensure that these areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected,” she said.

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