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Songshine returns with Moor and friends

Trinidad – Songshine, the groundbreaking open-mic series that ran from 2004-2009, returns for the first time with a very special edition, A Very Special Songshine.
Songshine was the creation of singer-songwriter Gillian Moor. The event is the second fund-raiser toward her upcoming first album, Everchanging.
The concert series was an intimate stage for emerging singers, musicians and poets who had the opportunity to perform in front of a supportive audience, often sharing the stage with top T&T talents like 3Canal, Mungal Patasar, Earl Lovelace, Network Rapso Riddem Band and jointpop. The show took place monthly at Trevor’s Edge in St Augustine before branching out to Mangoes, Sky Bar and other venues in Port-of-Spain.
Hundreds of performers participated in Songshine, which was also hosted and produced by Moor. Now she is presenting a special edition of the show, to help with her Crab Starter fund, in conjunction with Future Crab Studios.
“Songshine was a kind of miracle. I was lucky enough to be part of making it happen,” says Gillian. Performers came and made the show happen with their amazing talent. The audience came and nurtured the performers with their warmth. Songshine was love. I’m looking forward to opening up that space again, with some old favourites and some new guests, too.”
The show will take place at Kaiso Blues Cafe on April 2 and will feature Gillian Moor, Freetown Collective, Ruth Osman, Ozy Merrique, Paula Obe, David ‘Da Face’ Hamilton, Colin Robinson, Neisha Khan, Yvan Medoza and Ivory Hayes.
Open-mic performers will also be welcome and should register from 6 pm.



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