Blood splashed across the door of a 61-year-old woman’s home after she was reportedly stabbed by her teenaged son (photo by Observer media’s Theresa Gordon)

Heavy blood splatters in around the #1 Armstrong Road home of Ruthlyn Davis told a chilling tale after she was stabbed multiple times about the body by her teenaged adopted son.

Police are on the manhunt for a 17-year-old Grays Farm man, who goes by the name of Nadike Richards.

The youth reportedly stabbed his 61-year-old adopted mother several times about the body around 10:48 am Monday, after a heated argument from late Sunday continued.

He fled the scene afterwards.

Police spokesman Senior Sergeant Frankie Thomas told OBSERVER media, “We do not know circumstances of what led to the stabbing incident, but we are following the necessary leads at this time.”

“Police are appealing to the public for information on the whereabouts of the suspect and anyone in contact should advise him to turn himself in immediately,” he added.

Davis is currently at Mount St John’s Medical Centre nursing severe wounds, but based on police reports, is in stable condition.

Neighbours who, were still on the scene after the Emergency Medical Services left the home with the woman, reported hearing an argument about money between the young man and the woman Sunday evening.

One neighbour said she was alerted Monday morning by screams and cries for help which prompted her to alert the other neighbours, who called the police.

The woman said the 17-year-old’s older brother, who was in another section of the house at the time reportedly rushed to the scene after on hearing the commotion, but had to flee after his brother turned the knife on him as well.

According to the neighbour, arguments between the youth and his adopted mother are a regular occurrence, however, it is the first time the incident has escalated to this level.