Some private doctors could begin issuing Covid vaccines this week

Residents flocked to the Multipurpose Cultural and Exhibition Centre in Perry Bay yesterday (Photos by Latrishka Thomas)
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by Latrishka Thomas

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Residents have been gathering in droves at Antigua’s two vaccination centres amid the government’s new vaccine mandate requiring public sector workers to be inoculated against Covid-19.

So much so that the Multipurpose Cultural and Exhibition Centre and the Villa Polyclinic may become overwhelmed.

In an effort to prevent overcrowding, Minister of Health Molwyn Joseph told Observer that private doctors may be able to issue vaccines in short order.

“It has not actually begun. I received [Friday] the recommendation from the Chief Medical Officer for the management of that and I’m reviewing it and there are a few little things that we have to put in place and I would say by early [this week] we will be able to declare that that process has started,” he said.

According to the Cabinet, the vaccines will be free but services associated with administering them are likely to cost those who choose to receive jabs from their doctors.

And since storage of vaccines is controlled, the arrangements have to be meticulously planned in order to avoid a shortage.

Joseph also stated that previous vaccination centres will be reopened if the manpower is available.

“We have that flexibility built in our management and if we see the numbers increase then we will open up the polyclinic in Glanvilles,” he said.

“We have the option of course of using some rooms at the Sir Novelle Richards Secondary School and those are options that we can exercise at any time. We have done it before so it is a matter of getting the human resources in place,” Minister Joseph added.

At present, persons can get their jab at the Multiple Purpose Cultural Centre and the Villa Polyclinic Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 4pm.

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