Social Transformation Ministry seeks technical support from UNICEF

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The government will soon send a letter to the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) requesting support and assistance to strengthen the local programme that is tailored to help troubled youth in foster care. In addition, the Ministry of Social Transformation will hire more trained counsellors to offer greater support to those affected. Samantha Marshall, minister of social transformation, made the disclosure yesterday during an interview on OBSERVER AM.
In the wake of reports that two girls, aged five and 11, were recently placed in foster care after they were allegedly sexually assaulted by close relatives, Marshall explained that her agency’s assistance is for all children who need it. “We are seeking to reach out to not just troubled girls, but troubled girls and boys. [So] that we can also address the situation of what is developing…an issue relating to mental care amongst our young people. “We have been reaching out. We have not neglected that area. All of that is very important to us,” the minister said.
According to Marshall, officers within the Family and Social Services Department have offered counselling services and additional support to the individuals and their families. This is not without challenges, she pointed out, because some parents and guardian have simply refused to accept the help being offered. Marshall said at times, parents would attend initial counselling sessions but fail to continue the process.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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