Small aircraft crash lands on Barbuda

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Four people escaped injury on Thursday morning, after the plane they were travelling crash-landed at the airport on the sister isle of Barbuda.

“No passengers were injured and me neither,” 25-year-old Christopher Greaux, of St Barth, who piloted the plane, said.

The pilot, along with 29-year-old Jimmy Greaux, 27-year-old Marcel De LaMotte and 27-year-old Mathias Aubin are all reportedly surfers from St Barth.

Greaux said the “plane is out of the runway and it is secured and everything is ok.”

The police and the Fire Department are investigating the crash landing of the single engine aircraft.

According to a press release, the red and white Piper, called Cherokee Warrior, crash-landed around 9:40 am.

The aircraft arrived in Antigua at VC Bird International Airport around 7:48 am, and then left for Barbuda around 9:07 am.

According to a STRATCOM release, the pilot fell some 14 feet short of the runway, which caused the nose wheel of the aircraft to collide with the edge of the concrete runway strip.

The impact reportedly dislodged the front landing gear, forcing the aircraft to veer off to left of the strip, where it came to a halt.

The incident forced airport authorities to close the airport temporarily. No major damage was reportedly done to the runway, and normal operations resumed in the afternoon.

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