Skerritt reveals plans on the way to better West Indies cricket and players

Cricket West Indies boss, Ricky Skerritt.
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By Neto Baptiste

Cricket West Indies boss, Ricky Skerritt, has assured that plans for the revival of West Indies cricket are well on the way and that the regional body has begun putting measures in place to ensure the upward mobility of the game and its players.

“We are learning, and we are trying to see what can be done better, specifically to help players improve their game in between tours and that is probably his [Jimmy Adams]  biggest focus right now, to take the resources that he has including our recently employed coaching education specialist [Chris Brabazon] to work to the local level across the region and help with initiation and partnership  to make sure that when the players get home, they don’t only make progress in fitness, but they make progress in improving their technical skills,” he said.

Speaking on Observer Radio’s Good Morning Jojo Sports Show at the time, Skerritt said that despite the obvious failure of not having retained the Wisden Trophy following a 2-1 Test series loss in England, the body accomplished a number of its objectives from an administrative standpoint.

“While we lost the series for which our main objective was to win it, several boxes were ticked in terms of the overall objectives including dealing with the health risks. In the Caribbean, there is never a dull moment because we had a storm on the way while the players were scheduled to come home, and I don’t know if you understand the logistics in delaying a flight like that,” he said.

“LIAT folded since they went to England; Caribbean Airlines which was going to take up the slack announced just a few days before that they couldn’t take up the slack; so to distribute the players to their homelands from Antigua was a nightmare, and some of them had to overnight because the storm delayed the plane that was coming to take them down south,” the regional cricket boss added.

West Indies won the opening match by four wickets before losing the second by 113 runs in the three- Test series.

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