Six more sentenced for social gathering violations at Spanish Paradise Bar

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By Carlena Knight

The final six of the 12 individuals who were arrested and charged on August 1 at the Spanish Paradise Bar on Old Parham Road after breaking social gathering protocols were convicted on Thursday. 

The group was discovered in violation of a number of Covid-related rules last Saturday at around 10.50pm. Earlier this week, six of them were each fined $1,000 by Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh.

Police on mobile patrol were informed about the gathering and, upon arrival, they observed several people in close proximity, some outside, some inside, and music playing.

Vina Mangal, Amalia Rosell, Alfred Titus, Tiffany Jones, Junior Joseph and Alisha Lavinier were the first six to be prosecuted.

Jones and Joseph were also charged with failing to wear a facemask and were fined an additional $1,000 each.

On Thursday, the final six went before Magistrate Walsh with one charge against Samuel Williams, of Cassada Gardens, being withdrawn as he said he was just in the area but not a part of it.

The bar owner, Rueben Daniel of Renfrew, was convicted of several violations. Daniel was charged with selling liquor without a valid licence and was fined $2,000. He must meet that payment before November 13 or spend a month in prison.

Daniel was also fined $3,000 for failing to follow social distancing protocols and another $3,000 for failing to comply with restrictions on social gatherings. He must pay both fines before November 13 or spend six months in prison for failure to do so.

The four other individuals – Jerome Court of Martins Village, Joel Watson of Sutherlands, Shayne Pascal of New Winthropes, and Nicholas Williams of Tindale Road – were each fined $1,000 and must meet the requirement before October 8. Failure to pay the fine will see these individuals spend three months behind bars.

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