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Six drug busts in less than four weeks

front 4 drug roundup

The police have managed to intercept several hundred pounds of drugs at the country’s two main ports of entry in less than 30 days.

In the most recent bust, 55 vacuum-sealed packages containing the controlled drug, cannabis, were seized during a joint operation between the police and Customs at the airport.

The substance, which amounted to 110 pounds, was discovered inside a cardboard box at the Customs Warehouse on June 12.

It carries an estimated value of $880,000.

Just three days before, 55½pounds of weed were found — 26½ pounds at the airport from two separate shipments; while at the Deep Water Harbour, another 29 pounds were discovered in a barrel with food items.

The seizures are estimated to value $359,000.

Then, on May 25,  two separate drug operations between Police and Customs officers led to the  seizure  of almost 23 pounds of cannabis at the V C Bird International Airport.

In one of the seizures, two cardboard boxes containing 10½ pounds of cannabis, with an estimated street value of $84,000, were discovered at the cargo shed area.

In the second seizure, another 12.3 pounds of the illegal substance valued at $73,800 was found concealed inside a cardboard box.

Mere days prior, a barrel with two pounds of cannabis, 33 packs of cannabis-infused edible candy, and 295 cannabis cigarettes was discovered during a search at the Deep Water Harbour.

The items seized have an estimated street value of more than EC $18,000.

A similar operation was conducted at the Deep Water Harbour before that, where 20 pounds of cannabis valued at EC $160,000 was discovered among food items.

But those were not the only major drug busts this year.

So far for 2022, a total of 638 pounds of cannabis has been seized, mainly at the two main ports of entry, with an estimated total street value of $3,739,260.00.



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