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Sister reflects on life of homeless man


Grieving relatives of the vagrant found dead Tuesday morning said they are grasping to comprehend why anyone would kill 60-year-old Lisue Samuel.

Originally of Bethesda, Estella Samuel said her brother left the community as a youngster having attended the Bethesda Primary School and transferred to Swetes Primary School and eventually started living on the streets, frequenting the Ottos community.

“I was shocked; I wondered who could ever do that because that boy don’t get in no trouble with anybody. All he do is go on his way; he don’t talk to people, he don’t interfere with people. With all the break-ins nobody ever said he stole anything. I just broke down,” the sister said.

Estella recalled a relative was in the city and noticed the commotion, and upon hearing the deceased is from Bethesda, he decided to investigate; only to realise it was his cousin sprawled on the ground with crime scene investigators surrounding his body.

The relative went to Antigua Commercial Bank, where Estella was working, to inform her what had happened and he accompanied her to view her brother’s body.

Recounting the last interaction she shared with Lisue, who she said abused drugs which caused him to be living on the street for many years, Estella said she often encouraged the “very Skilled” auto body repairman to clean himself up and come back to Bethesda where relatives and friends were willing to take him in.

“He asked me for some money, I didn’t have much, but I searched my bag and I gave him what I found and he went on his merry way. We have another brother and he would always come and tell me whenever he saw Lisue,” Estella added.    

More in today’s Daily Observer. 



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