Sister recounts dead woman’s fears

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The eerie social media account of now deceased Latoya Craig chronicles stories posted by a woman who was seriously concerned about the safety of children and violence.
On Friday, Craig’s body and the body of her ex-lover Bharat Kumar were both discovered hanging at a house located in Liberta, overlooking Falmouth.
The woman’s sister had raised a missing persons alarm on Thursday after Craig and her three-year-old son allegedly left home with Kumar on Tuesday but had not returned.
However, the panicked search ended in tragedy when the adults were found dead. Fortunately, the dehydrated toddler was found alive at the crime scene at the house.
The public posts of Craig’s Facebook page document Craig’s fear that she would leave her young son behind.
“I pray over my son, I cover him under the blood of Jesus Christ so ppl like that don’t see him. Cuz I got a 9mm that I don’t want to use so yall plz don’t see him cuz I will see y’all. #justtaughtishouldputitoutthere,” Craig wrote on March 17.
Other posts about a little girl being killed and her mother and the woman’s boyfriend being charged with the murder, as well as posts about a toddler being killed by his angry mother who admitted to the crime are also posted on Craig’s page.
In a tearful Facebook Live video on Saturday, Kel-Kel Hector [Craigs sister] said one of Craig’s worse fears, was dying and leaving her son, behind
“And Toya’s words to me were like her biggest fear is dying and leaving her son and I was like girl that is my fear. Last week we had this conversation and now she gone,” the sister said before breaking down into tears.
Hector told viewers she was sad and that no one should die in the manner her sister did.
“I feel like I am dreaming like I can’t wake up from this nightmare. Nobody deserved to die like that, I read about stories like this online and it touched my heart and I said I can’t even imagine being in those people’s shoes,” she said.
As investigations have been launched into the suspected murder-suicide, Hector said the toddler is at the hospital doing well.
As she spoke during the video, viewers posted condolences and words of encouragement.

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