Sister appeals for help to find missing sibling

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A family member of 42-year-old Joseph Lindsay is pleading to the public to share any information they may have about the whereabouts of the man, who has been missing for close to two months.
Lindsay, commonly referred to as “Ninja”, “Gyptian” or “Wicked”, was last seen in mid-January by his sister, Jannes Lindsay, who said she believes that he might have been hurt.
The woman told OBSERVER media that her sibling had been living at the East Bus Station for roughly two years following a disagreement with their mother.
“While in the process of looking for him, I went with his father and when his father went to the place there was some blood around the area,” Lindsay said.
She added that onlookers told them that her brother appeared to have been beaten as his face was swollen.
Joseph, who is originally from Potters, is 5 feet, 4 inches tall and was last seen wearing a black, long-sleeved shirt and close-fitting black sports pants, which looked like a pair of tights, his sister said.
The woman described her brother’s demeanor as “easygoing” and added that, “He is not a troublesome person; he’s like a comedian. He would dance, stand up and act like he’s fighting karate.”
She said in addition to searching the East Bus Station area, the family has, with the police’s assistance, extended the search to Gray’s Farm as he frequents the King George V Grounds.
Jannes also said that whenever her brother left the bus station, he usually visited the Fisheries Market and helped vendors clean the area.
She is urging anyone who has information on his whereabouts to contact her at 725-6426 or notify the police.

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